Full Source List

This is a full list of abbreviations and the sources to which they refer. They are used for all the Byzantine information in the database (original language or English summary), to show the medieval texts from which it is derived. The list of abbreviations is also found by pressing the “choose source” button on the first page, so that you can restrict your work to material from one or more sources (see the picture below):

Sources list on first page

Prosopographies etc.

The second list is an attempt to compensate, in part, for the absence of modern secondary literature in the database. The list contains a number of prosopographical works and basic seal publications. Any Byzantine person who makes a significant appearance in works on this list has a brief reference inserted in the second line of the heading on his/her person page. This is an economical way of linking persons to their modern bibliography:


A certain amount of Byzantine terminology is unavoidable in a Byzantine database, especially in connection with dignities and offices. We have thus included a glossary, aimed at those unfamiliar with these words.

Seal editions

The last document lists the bibliography of editions of Byzantine lead seals used in the seals module.

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